El Bueno, El Feo y El Mena

by El Bueno, el Feo y el Mena

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Grabado en: El Mirador - Audio Estudio - (Alhama de Murcia) durante el mes de enero de 2013


released March 14, 2013

Canciones compuestas y arregladas por el Bueno, el Feo y el Mena
Grabado por Marco A. Velasco y Paco Danone
Mezclado y producido por Marco A. Velasco y el Bueno, el Feo y el Mena
Diseño de portada: Comodín de la helvética blog.comodindelahelvetica.es

El Bueno, el Feo y el Mena son:
Antonio M. Mena: Letras, guitarras, voz y coros
Leandro Martínez-Romero: Bajo, Guitarras, hammond, piano, ukelele, coros
Luiggi García: Batería, banjo

Músico invitado
Paco Danone: Guitarra eléctrica en "Hide-and-seek"



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El Bueno, el Feo y el Mena Murcia, Spain

Somos de Murcia y hacemos música con el fin de entretener al personal.

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Track Name: All the things you could say
Baby I found you out-of-sight
telling 'bout your liberations and lies..
I thought it was easy, I thought it was maybe.
Now, I try to keep your face out of mind...

In december we met. How d'you explain that?
I was cold and sickening. You were the torch and the rain.
You seemed different in the moment we looked in our eyes
(we looked in our eyes)

Horrible, oh awesome trouble, live it up
and do all the things you could say
tu ru ru ru...

All the people in this our town,
prepare picnics thinking about your particular reward
All the people wonder where you are..
I say: I don't know, she must be offline (she must be offline)

Horrible, oh awesome trouble, stir it up
and do all the things you could say
tu ru ru ru...

I just wanna be someone
I just wanna be someone
I just wanna be someone
I just wanna be the one
Track Name: The chicken's alright
I got a friend whose name is John Michael
It was just a rumour?
He's got a goal, a jolting joke in trance,
that's my name
and if you feel that baby
I got my dog on wheel,
and if you shake that baby
I got you set on me

In the morning everything is clear
hold your pulse and feet right there...
that's phony, that's feeling, that's sound
The chicken's alright

John Michael knows his life is a trash
no one to blame, no one to talk
live your life with joy
coming after me,
booging after him
with his lonely talk!

Simon says: "It's all straight ahead"
and you turn always on the left
That's phony, that's feeling, that's sound...
the chicken's alright
Track Name: Franklin
In the garden of Lincoln was my sin,
Clifford stopped at the window, what a shame!

spit the bubblegum, Tracy. Have no fear.
If it ends up in the sole of my shoe, I will scream.

Gone out from Roosevelt to Churchill
Talking to Sebillah with Lenin

We talked about the passion of Joan of Arc,
she was waiting for the gallows at the scaffold

Little lovers inflection, evermore,
It's the same direction, don't you know?

I knew the new Hitler on the branches
Douglas MacArthur does the best he can
Track Name: Hide-and-seek
The building rests on the grave,
and he sees all the slaves
when they look through the hills
and I smile... and the bells ring

When she moves I sweep along
by the smell, the trees and horns
in her lips...
and the flames down into my throat

Wait for many whispers and sounds
travel the north to the south
and I'll stay there while the children sit on the ground

Hide-and-seek (3)
Track Name: Before you go...
Before you go I want to tell, you'll be alone but it won't be long.
Maybe tomorrow you'll understand me. Soon the grapes will turn into stones.
We´ll see a horse running wild and free, beyond the sea, beyond the lines. The sun will shine, bright and early, the promise of a neverending land.

Far from the stars, far from the sequins, meanwhile we kiss in other land near the river of sweethearts calling: The promise of a neverending dance